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Planning your Outfits for the Summer? Do not forget to add a few Dresses to your collection.

There are limitless options in the market to choose from. In fact this seasons fashion allows us numerous choices each morning when we wake up to go to work or dress up for an evening out.

In today’s world where we have to make complex decisions about work and life the chance to slip into a dress and walking out the door can be very inviting and simple.

You don’t need to mix and match as the  top and bottom are already done! Now, just skip ahead to the accessories and footwear.

For a polished office ready finish or heading out for Happy Hour To Shop Click on Image

The ankle length dress is an excellent example of  femininity and balancing it with professionalism. A confident woman can wear a dress and appear composed, organized and professional in what she is doing.  Act like the professional that you want to be viewed as and dress like one.

To Shop the Look Click on Image

A white lace sundress and easygoing wedges can make heads turn – to achieve the office going look just throw on a light jacket or a scarf. The pairing with a jacket can be just as relaxed and comfortable, but looks way more professional when meeting clients.

 Summer can be a challenging season to dress for many women. What is the right length for a dress? How little or How much skin to show?

This is because we reveal more about ourselves and our body than in any other season and have fewer layering tricks at our disposal to either cover up certain parts or create a nice silhouette.  But we can see these challenges as opportunities to explore fashion and create a new look by playing with scarves, jackets and colours.

To Shop the Look. Click on Image

A cotton indigo dress with sneakers is a perfect way to bring in the weekend look.  A cotton dress has a natural shine and brings out the cool and sublime in the wearer.

Mulberry Silk Dress. To Shop the Look Click on Image

Dressing for the Summer Evening? Try this Silk dress. If you believe in wearing ethical clothes this can be the dress for you. Silk material is excellent for the summer as the fabric breathes and can keep you cool on a sultry outdoor event. It is a bit more special than your day and work dress. But don’t keep your nice clothes just for parties you should wear your nice clothes as often as possible so I would suggest that you wear this silk dress to work and during the day too!

Summer is here to stay for a while – go out and invest in a dress and when you chose a dress make sure it can take you from day to evening and weekend in style and well-deserved confidence.


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Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Shopping can be fun and good for the soul  but it is not always straightforward and simple as it requires some research. Before we get into serious research stuff – Let us focus on you First.

What are you passionate about? The environment? Small carbon footprint? Handmade Fabrics? Fair trade? Locally sourced materials? No child or slave labour?

What you care about and what you value is different for everyone else. It is not easy to check all the boxes that make a product Ethical and Sustainable but things can become simpler if we narrow down what your priorities are  and what is available to you.

Ethically sourced Silk Top. To Shop the look Click on Image

It is important to know that the companies you are supporting and the clothes you are wearing did not harm the environment or people.

But lets not fool ourselves – the clothes themselves need to be attractive and something we want to wear. No matter how environmentally friendly they are if they don’t fit or the colour runs – we are not going to be happy with the! We need to find out –

What is most important attribute of an outfit for YOU.

These include:

  • price
  • durability
  • comfort
  • style
  • colour
  • material

Indigo dyed Fabric

Some of these may overlap. Before embarking on your shopping spree it is always a good idea to make a list of exactly what outfits you are looking for. Jeans, tops, dresses, work wear or party wear.

Online shopping can be the easiest and many brands have a transparent trail that will let you know exactly where the clothes were sourced, right from the material to the stitching. You can chose from the ones that share your values and ethics. Check out the brands mission and vision page.

In India we are specially lucky as we have an abundance of craft bazaars where we can buy handmade products directly from the producer groups.

In Delhi we have the Nature Bazaar at Andheria More and Dilli Haat at INA.  It is very cool experience talking  to the people who have made the products and are selling them right at your door step. You don’t need to travel to remote parts of the country to buy a Jamdani or a Chanderi. Often the crafts people are happy to collaborate with customers to produce one off custom made designs for a small fee. If the clothes you buy from crafts people don’t fit perfectly please get a tailor to alter it to your size. Our crafts people need us to make a living and when we buy from them we also give them valuable feedback so that they can improve their products and making them more contemporary and market friendly.

When looking for Ethical and Sustainable clothes do not be too hard on yourself remember every small step you take makes a big impact.

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Want to give back to society?

You don’t have to wait to become rich and famous to follow your heart and contribute by taking one step at a time.
Giving your time and talent to a cause is the most selfless act and shows outstanding character and resolve to make a difference. Reading a book to an underprivileged child in your community can be a great way to giving back to society. 


Are you passionate about improving the lives of children? Do you get concerned when you see kids on the side of the streets on your way to work or the shops? Well, there are several opportunities available for working with marginalisied children and  you can do this in your spare time.

There are many community groups and organizations working with children in your city. You will be surprised to find them very close to your place of work or even where you live.

You can help in the by offering to teach, mentor, spend time with the children sharing your experiences of travel and basic life skills such as dressing, manners, health, and hygiene; creative activities using art, drawing, painting, music, and dance. If you enjoy reading you can do this with children in a school library; if you enjoy sports and can spend couple of hours in your weekends playing football.

Here are a few organisations you can consider consider for volunteering:

Salaam Balak trust is focused on educating the poor and disadvantaged children of India. Options include opportunities in teaching life skills and non-formal education, creative expression & talent, multimedia, communication, healthcare, formal education (such as teaching English or Mathematics) and more.

You can also consider contacting an organisation local to you and find out more, these organisations are always happy to meet you and give you suggestions about how you can help.

While it is very hard to completely change a child’s life but even small effort can go a long way.

To find out more click on the links below:







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The Gemini is born between the 21st May to the 21st of June. They are adventurous in their fashion choices because of their open mind and desire to experience everything.

They are sociable, communicative and ready for fun, with a tendency to suddenly get serious, thoughtful and restless. They are fascinated with the world itself, extremely curious, with a constant feeling that there is not enough time to experience everything they want to see.

Gemini Look. Click on Image. To Shop the Look.

Gemini’s changeable and open mind makes them excellent artists, especially writers and journalists, and their skills and flexibility make them shine in trade, driving and team sports.

The Gemini is a versatile, inquisitive, fun loving sign, born with a wish to experience everything there is out there, in the world.

This makes their character inspiring, and never boring. This can be seen in their fashion choices. You just need to look at Marilyn Monroe and Angelina Jolie to get an idea of what we are talking about. Jolie finds the time from her busy schedule to be a Human Rights Activist and a Philanthropist.

Gemini’s fashion style is eclectic as they are unafraid to try new and varied looks. The Gemini is as comfortable in a biker jacket as she is in conservative work wear. You will never find a Gemini who doesn’t stand out! She can make any style work for her.

The Gemini knows how to accessories and will never be caught in any specific signature look. She can take simple everyday pieces and turn them into a head turning look.  Mix and Match is something to learn from a Gemini.  

Gemini hate any kind repetition, whether it be in fashion or work.  They are not suited to pushing paper.

Gemini  tend to choose careers that provide a social outlet and a lot of variety.

Gemini woman can Rock an Adventurous Dress at work and play. To Shop the Look Click on Image.

Versatile beyond compare, the Gemini is always looking for the next exciting thing on the horizon.
Go on!  Gemini continue to be  enterprising the world needs your energy and creativity.

Just in case you missed your Star-Style check out Taurus; Aries; Pisces; Aquarius

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This Month’s resolution: Drink more water to get the Big Win. While it may not sound as the most exciting New year resolution, it can be the most rewarding.

 In one drop of water is found all the secrets of the ocean

Khalil Gibran

Little steps can have a great impact in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

This is our third story on this monthly series  that aims to help you develop and adopt a positive lifestyle change to achieving the Big Win. We all know that drinking water is  essential for us to stay alive but did you also know that-

drinking water can improve metabolism, prevent fatigue, help you detox and reduce stress.

So what is stopping us? Here is how you can embrace this habit?

Drinking 8 glasses of water is doable enough but our busy schedules make us forget, we substitute beverages for water and of course too much caffeine. The easiest thing is to listen to your body and drink water when you are thirsty – but it is easier said than done so here are a few tricks to make you fall in love with your water.

Make jugs of naturally flavoured water using fruit, veg and herbs—
Here is the recipe to make a refreshing drink:

To make the infusion, you can start with cold water or, for a stronger flavor, with hot (not boiling) water, as this will help extract flavor. Set the water aside until cool and you can chill in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving, or add some ice cubes.

Here are some of my favorite combinations:

  • Slices of orange, lemon and lime with fresh mint sprigs
  • Lemon and cucumber
  • Pineapple chunks and slices of fresh ginger
  • Dried rosebuds or rose petals—you can use fresh, but the dried have a more concentrated flavor
  • Fresh or dried lavender

Water responds to our thoughts, energy vibrations and emotions and the energy in its environment. So next time you go to drink a glass of water, give it a little love and feel how it nourishes your body and soul.
What healthy lifestyle choices have you adopted this year? Please do share your experiences with us in our comment section.
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Dresses that feature flowers and floral patterns are making a proud entrance this spring and summer. As the weather changes, we enjoy showing more skin and wearing vibrant prints that brings out our skin tone.

What questions are going through your mind while deciding on your Spring Summer wardrobe.

Are you going to pick floral patterns to bring out your confident femininity?

What silhouette will you opt for – a flattering A-line dress, a skin-tight bandage dress, or slip into a sexy bodycon dress. Today we will focus on floral prints in all kinds of silhouttes.

Choose your print wisely. Here are few suggestions for the season from Loomtree.

Dark backgrounds are great for not creating any unwanted volume illusion. To Shop the Look. Click on Image

You have to train your eyes and pick what suits your style. But I can give you tips  on what type of floral prints you could choose and how you could style it.

If you are Petite do consider the large floral prints, they will definitely flatter your body type.

For a shapely woman Smaller floral designs are more flattering to your silhouette.

Combine Florals and Pastels. To Shop Click on Image

The lucky ones with a slim to average shape, explore a balance of larger floral patterns and smaller patterns.

If you are worried that it you may look like a bed sheet or unsure do try to break it up with a belt or trendy scarf.

This season do try an abstract floral design pair this with trusted pair of simple black trousers – you are so ready to make that presentation great.

Double Florals can be intimidating – but you can match it up with  a bomber jacket to make heads turn.

To Shop the Look. Cilck on Image INR:2299

Peppy florals meet warm textures to create the most seasonally-appropriate pattern ever. Grab these extra-long floral dress, belt it at the waist ( if you like). Throw on some black slides and It’s an office-approved outfit that you’re definitely going to want to repeat.

 Floral prints can definitely put us in a good mood! flaunt this trend with elegance.

We would love to hear your ideas about best looks for the summer.  Do share your thoughts with us in the Comments section.




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The Indian models are gracing the covers of top international magazines and also walking the runway for Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Chanel.

You would think that Fashion runways are about clothes but now the choice of models draws just as much attention than the clothes! the presence of Indian models have created quite a stir in this field.

About time the world took notice of the beauty of the Indian woman.

However, it is not simply about India having beautiful women – this Indian presence can be traced to:

 Firstly, the increased ability of Indian consumers to buy international brands and it is believed that soon India will be one of the largest consumer markets.

Secondly, due advancement of technology which is giving models access to the  global agencies resulting in new opportunities.

We must pay tribute to Priyanka Chopra for paving the way on international scene for our Desi Girls.


The stories of their individual journeys are filled in incidents overcoming discrimination and prejudice both at home and abroad.

The good news is that the notion of beauty is changing and becoming more versatile. Skin tone is no longer a standard of beauty internationally.

However in India we continue to struggle with prejudice relating to skin tone. The true representation of our population is not reflected in our advertising and films which continue to be dominated by an obsession with fair-skin.

It is important for Indian women to make a mark on the international scene not only for our national pride but we believe that they can be champions for Make in India hope that this will open the doors of the global markets for our  Desi-designers and crafts.

We are keeping a close look on: Radhika Nair, Bhumika Arora and Dipti Sharma who have graced the covers of Vogue Italia.

Made in India. To shop the Look. Click on Image

Who is your favourite Indian model? Please share your views with us in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Taurus star style show her appreciation for luxury and nice things in life. There Wardrobe is filled with things that reveal her love for great craftsmanship and elegance.

Cate Blanchet Quintessential Taurus Woman

Taurus are never afraid to show off the femininity and to capture the curves of the feminine body so the Taurus Star style inclines them fill their wardrobe in all the different textures and fabrics fabrics. This summer’s floral look is particularly favorable to the Taurus woman as she can adorn her self in her choice of floral dresses and accessories.

Floral Dress by Loomtree. To Shop the Look Click on Image


Some of the female Taurus fashion icons are Audrey Hepburn, Cate Blanchett, Cher,  Dianna Agron, Grace Jones, Jessica Alba, Katharine Hepburn, Penélope Cruz and Renée Zellweger.

Taurus Career:Those born under the sign of Taurus people tend to be practical, steady and reliable with organisation skills second to none. Any career concerned with money or the land  is ideal including banking, investment, property, or Farming, landscaping, gardening, or environmental engineering.

Taurus in Love:

The Taurus woman is in touch with their feelings. The Taurus can be a hopeless romantic looking for that

love of a lifetime.

They are looking for a stable, loyal partner who’s affectionate and classy.

Taurus woman can be very determined, there’s no use telling a Taurean  she) is obstinate.  In the taurean’s  mind, she’s not stub­born at all. She’s patient.  She’s not hardheaded-she’s just sensible and firm.

The Taurus woman’s funny bones are tickled by broad and slapstick comedy.  Taurus humor is warm and earthy, playful. These people are seldom, if ever, really cruel or vindictive. But They are not afraid to call a Spade a Spade!

Go Taurus Girl continue to be Honest, Elegant and never be afraid to Speak your Mind the world needs to hear you!

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Sunglasses can make or break an outfit. When you do them Right – they have a glamorous impact on the way you look .

We are all aware of the health benefits of Sunglasses, so lets move on to the glamour quotient.  The right sunglasses of course, radiate a really cool demeanor. Shades can also bring symmetry to your face. It can give a touch of mystery and of course make you feel more confident. Down memory lane we can just need to look at the iconic women in fashion Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

Audrey and Jackie harness the power of the sunglasses

With so much riding on your sunglasses it makes sense to keep ahead with the latest trends. The small frame sun glasses of the 90’s are back with a Bang! In fact the Trend dictates tinier the better. The minuscule shades  have become the glasses of choice of the fashion trendsetters like Bella and Gigi Hadid who are wearing these glasses every where – On the streets with their hoodies and on the Red carpet.

The Hadid Sisters are early adopters of the Look!

Spotted everywhere from Miu Miu to Louis Vuitton, the origins of the Matrix-esque glasses can actually be traced back to designer Demna Gvasalia, who showcased small black sunglasses for Balenciaga’s spring/summer 2017 show. Kendal Jenner was also seen on the runway sporting oval shaped frames with tinted-glasses.


 But is this trend laughing in the face of practicality?

To be honest the tiny glasses are not capable of blocking UV rays of the sun or covering your eyes?  Nostalgia for the 90’s is one of the reasons for the comeback.

To Shop the Looks. Click on Image

Summer is here!  Don’t waste Time! and do get ready for the season with a trend that is resting on the bridge of so many glamorous women’s noses.

A recommendation from LoomTree:  keep on Trend but also carry your trusted Practical Big Glasses to protect yourself from the UV rays and a bit of Nostalgia is always a classic look!

Cover Image Source


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March Madness is the hottest topic in the United States this time of year and Athleisure is the hottest look.

Let’s find out what it means?

March Madness refers to a college basketball tournament. The competition takes place every March. And the madness it creates is excitement! Athleisure is a trend that takes the most attractive qualities from active wear and business casual.

Impact on fashion?

March makes avoiding athletics entirely an impossibility — which means finding March Madness outfits are of the utmost priority. The month has been historically associated with an abundance of team jerseys and other sports paraphernalia, non-negotiable attire for those watching the game with friends and family.

Hadid sisters on the move

 Athleisure fashion is here to stay and it is about looking stylish while dressing down in active wear. 


Celebrities from the Hadid sisters to Kendall Jenner are all embracing the casual outfits. It combines the most attractive qualities of business casual and sports wear. Stock up your wardrobe with sweatpants, mesh tops, trainers and hoodies. Athleisure is not a trend or a fad it is predicted that it will lasts way beyond the month of March.

Athleisure combines the comfort of wearing exercise clothes in everyday settings from work to a party. It is in fact the new casual and defining the way women are approaching their clothes. The versatility of these clothes has made them very attractive to most women. They are low maintenance, with properties like wrinkle and odour resistance.


The trend has slowly been creeping in over the past few months but its set to be huge this year

The trend is proving casual wear isn’t just for the gym. It is encouraging a balance between style and multi-functionality, the trend allows the on-the-go woman to breeze through her daily activities in chic and comfy clothing that can take her from her morning workout routine to her workplace and even to a lunch date without breaking a sweat.


Loomtree Athleisure range

How about updating your wardrobe and go from workout to Hangout and work to parties.

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