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Setting realistic goals at the start of the year is a great way to ensure that you will keep your resolutions throughout the year. Did you Know that Walking is considered the best exercise? and can be done almost anywhere without special equipment!

Big-Win series offers you a new tip every month to support you to incorporate healthy behavior into your everyday life.

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Walking is free,

Walking can be done anywhere and is suitable for all fitness levels, yet it’s something so many of us overlook as a great form of exercise. By walking just 1.5 km or about 30 minutes a day you can promote weight loss, boost your mood and lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Getting Started is the hardest part

30 minutes of walking 5 days a week is all that is needed to achieve great health benefits. If 30 minutes sounds daunting – Do not worry! You can break it down to 10 minutes of three short walks a day and get the same results.

What is holding you back? The sooner you get started the sooner you will notice the difference in your mind and body.

Going Green:

If you live in a built up city it can be hard to find fresh air and open spaces to walk in.

Green spaces and parks are more common than you think.

Use mobile apps to help you to locate the most accessible parks . Take Gurugram for instance, a city not particularly famous for its parks but even here there are 3 pieces of paradise you can go to for your recommended daily walk . Aravali Bio Diversity Park; Leisure Valley Park and Tau Devi Lal Bio Diversity Park

Getting  Social:

The Best thing about walking is you can do it with friends and catch up on all the news and gossip. It does not cost a thing, you already know how to do it and it can also be an excellent way of meeting new people. There are many dedicated walking groups that you can find on the web that will match you up with your desired social group.

Do not wait any longer. Get your trainers on and go for a walk. This will help reduce pollution and  your health. If you don’t believe me just ask Science.

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Your walking clothes should be a comfortable fit and of course, allow you to move freely.  Do remember to get yourself a good pair of shoes with arch support.

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Sleep is the closest thing to Fountain of Youth. The skin and body both need sleep to keep you at your Best. Sleep is a good one to add to your list of goals for the year.

Have you decided to make a positive life style change as part of your New Year resolution? 

Setting small, attainable goals throughout the year, instead of a singular, overwhelming goal on 1st January can help you reach whatever it is you strive for and remember, it is not the extent of the change that matters, but rather the act of recognizing that lifestyle change is important and working toward it, one step at a time.

 While You snooze Your body boosts blood flow to the skin, which means you wake to a healthy glow.

Skin makes new collagen when you are sleeping, preventing sagging. This leads to plumper skin which is less likely to wrinkle.

WARNING!! When the body is sleep deprived it makes more of the stress hormone cortisol; Linked to problems like: depression, anxiety and weight gain.

In spite of being aware of the need for sleep we fall into the unhealthy cycle of sleep deprivation. The obstacle to good sleep are numerous but lets join in the good fight to give sleep its place in our list of priorities.

Here are some tips for breaking the cycle of sleep deprivation:
  • Where possible, remove disturbances from the bedroom. You may be sensitive to noise, temperature, or light and preparing a proper sleep environment can make a big difference.
  • Don’t treat your bed like your living room.No watching TV or websurfing while in bed it confuses your mind as to whether the bed is a place for relaxation or engagement.
  • Do something boring.If you are lying in bed unable to sleep, it is best to get out of bed and do something boring like sit quietly in the living room until you feel drowsy enough to try sleeping again.
  • Be consistent. Sleep quality is best when your body does it at the same time each night in a well-established circadian rhythm (day/night cycle).
  • Sleep is not like money. You can’t run short of it all week and then make up for it by getting “extra” sleep on the weekend.

Getting your beauty sleep isn’t an old cliché — it’s a must for having skin that glows.



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Silk is an ingenious way to harness the wonders of nature

Why bother making your own silk? The Answer is Sustainable fashion!

Creating our own brand of Sustainable fashion and a keen desire to create products that are environmentally friendly while supporting local communities led us to the path of making our own silk. We wanted to gain a better understanding of what goes into the production of silk and how can we develop a product that truly helps people and adds value to the environment.

Sericulture a viable employment opportunity for women in Bihar

We chose to work in the state of Bihar as it not only meets all the ecological requirements needed for sericulture but also has high level of poverty and unemployment. The labour intensive nature of this project brings about a large amount of employment and up-skilling opportunities for women and men.

The process of sericulture aligns with the 3 major Millennium Development Goals set by the UN like; eradicate poverty and hunger; promote gender equality and ensure environmental sustainability.
Let’s break it down  :


– Generates employment throughout the year, with an estimated 11 person days’ employment for each 1 kg of raw silk production.

Employment, both on and off-farm activities

– Maintains and strengthens rural economies: more than 80% of the gross value of silk fabrics returns to the local area of production  benefiting the farmer, cocoon growers, yarn reelers  and weavers.


– Mulberry is a perennial crop. It contributes to soil conservation and provides green cover

– Waste from silkworm rearing is recyclable for agricultural use

– Dried mulberry twigs and branches can be used as fuel

– Mulberry can be cultivated in areas of often unused land, e.g. hill slopes, watersheds.

natural mulberry

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– 60% of those employed in sericulture are women Low InvestmentThe investment needed to start sericulture activities is low and silkworm rearing can start within 6 months of mulberry planting

– Sericulture can be practised with very small land holdings; 1 acre dedicated to sericulture can support a family of 3, without the need to hire labour.

indigo mulberry

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Achievements so far:

  • Mulberry plantation on 20 of acres of arid land.
  • Established nursery with 4 Lakh saplings planted distributed to the local farmers
  • 50 local farmers trained
  • employment generated for over 100 people.
  • 1000 kg of silk yarn produced
  • Garments ready for sale

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