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Dear Pisces,

Do you check your horoscope daily?
Or work out your schedule accordingly?

Or  are you Not a die-hard believer and just  together with friends to giggle over astrology predictions?

Well, in these unpredictable times it can be fun to check out how our signs can guide us. Wanna know what the stars say about the Pisces?

You are the “Old Soul of the Zodiac”; Being the last sign – You are more flexible and comfortable with change than the other signs.
You can “chameleon” yourself to fit into a variety of situations. You are artistic and love the arts and music. Deep in your heart a Pisces-born is an incorrigible romantic. You are very loyal, gentle and unconditionally generous to your partners.

Eva Longoria is your typical Pisces woman, she is confident and flirty at the same time.

When it comes to fashion, zodiac signs can reveal what styles you’re most attracted to and what pieces you gravitate towards while shopping. Pisces even out their artistic flare and reserved mentality with soft, feminine articles of clothing.

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You prefer soft fabrics, such as silk, chiffon and velvet, and glamorous evening looks that are filled with lace. You adore heels in all styles, even if you don’t wear them that often.
By the way floral styles are your true love.

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You need to choose jobs that allow you to express yourself and be true to your creative vision.
Pisces need to have an unstructured environment, creative license, and enough money to pay the bills.  When given the chance to explore and create you will prove to be the most inspired employee.



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