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Planning your Outfits for the Summer? Do not forget to add a few Dresses to your collection.

There are limitless options in the market to choose from. In fact this seasons fashion allows us numerous choices each morning when we wake up to go to work or dress up for an evening out.

In today’s world where we have to make complex decisions about work and life the chance to slip into a dress and walking out the door can be very inviting and simple.

You don’t need to mix and match as the  top and bottom are already done! Now, just skip ahead to the accessories and footwear.

For a polished office ready finish or heading out for Happy Hour To Shop Click on Image

The ankle length dress is an excellent example of  femininity and balancing it with professionalism. A confident woman can wear a dress and appear composed, organized and professional in what she is doing.  Act like the professional that you want to be viewed as and dress like one.

To Shop the Look Click on Image

A white lace sundress and easygoing wedges can make heads turn – to achieve the office going look just throw on a light jacket or a scarf. The pairing with a jacket can be just as relaxed and comfortable, but looks way more professional when meeting clients.

 Summer can be a challenging season to dress for many women. What is the right length for a dress? How little or How much skin to show?

This is because we reveal more about ourselves and our body than in any other season and have fewer layering tricks at our disposal to either cover up certain parts or create a nice silhouette.  But we can see these challenges as opportunities to explore fashion and create a new look by playing with scarves, jackets and colours.

To Shop the Look. Click on Image

A cotton indigo dress with sneakers is a perfect way to bring in the weekend look.  A cotton dress has a natural shine and brings out the cool and sublime in the wearer.

Mulberry Silk Dress. To Shop the Look Click on Image

Dressing for the Summer Evening? Try this Silk dress. If you believe in wearing ethical clothes this can be the dress for you. Silk material is excellent for the summer as the fabric breathes and can keep you cool on a sultry outdoor event. It is a bit more special than your day and work dress. But don’t keep your nice clothes just for parties you should wear your nice clothes as often as possible so I would suggest that you wear this silk dress to work and during the day too!

Summer is here to stay for a while – go out and invest in a dress and when you chose a dress make sure it can take you from day to evening and weekend in style and well-deserved confidence.


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Can you make your wardrobe more ethical by adding Sustainable fashion? Time for some awareness.

Do you know that the clothes you are wearing have had a long history before it landed in your wardrobe?

One of the aims of sustainable fashion is to make this journey transparent.

Do you know what this term means?

Sustainable fashion is the concept of considering the long-term environmental and social impacts of what we wear each day. The term is hazy so it gives flexibility to shoppers to choose what really matters to them personally.

Sustainable Fashion encourages you to take a minute to think – What matters to you?

In recent years shoppers have realized that there’s far more to the fashion world than what you see at first glance.

This is a good thing, as it has on one had made people curious about what material their clothes are made of;

Farm to Fashion story available for Mulberry Dress. To Shop the Look. Click on Image

  • who makes them?
  • Where was the material sourced?
  • What the environmental impact has been?

So what does it really mean for fashion to be sustainable and ethical?

It can mean many things: On the one hand it depends on which practices and policies are adopted by company.

Very few companies can afford do it all (as in, meet all the criteria of an ideal production model), which means that it’s pretty much up to you to weigh the pros and cons and make shopping decisions based on what’s most important personally.

On the other hand it has brought to light the atrocious working conditions, poverty wages, and pollution

that is intimately connected to the world’s garment industry.

It can be very confusing, trying to sort one’s way through the maze of terms and certifications that are all claiming to make fashion a better industry for all.

Recycling is a good way forward

So instead of throwing away that tee shirt you ruined in the wash, could you make it into something? Could it become a cute tote bag, a pillow, a bunch of cleaning rags, or a heating pad through some careful stitches? The idea is what we all learned in elementary school:


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