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Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Shopping can be fun and good for the soul  but it is not always straightforward and simple as it requires some research. Before we get into serious research stuff – Let us focus on you First.

What are you passionate about? The environment? Small carbon footprint? Handmade Fabrics? Fair trade? Locally sourced materials? No child or slave labour?

What you care about and what you value is different for everyone else. It is not easy to check all the boxes that make a product Ethical and Sustainable but things can become simpler if we narrow down what your priorities are  and what is available to you.

Ethically sourced Silk Top. To Shop the look Click on Image

It is important to know that the companies you are supporting and the clothes you are wearing did not harm the environment or people.

But lets not fool ourselves – the clothes themselves need to be attractive and something we want to wear. No matter how environmentally friendly they are if they don’t fit or the colour runs – we are not going to be happy with the! We need to find out –

What is most important attribute of an outfit for YOU.

These include:

  • price
  • durability
  • comfort
  • style
  • colour
  • material

Indigo dyed Fabric

Some of these may overlap. Before embarking on your shopping spree it is always a good idea to make a list of exactly what outfits you are looking for. Jeans, tops, dresses, work wear or party wear.

Online shopping can be the easiest and many brands have a transparent trail that will let you know exactly where the clothes were sourced, right from the material to the stitching. You can chose from the ones that share your values and ethics. Check out the brands mission and vision page.

In India we are specially lucky as we have an abundance of craft bazaars where we can buy handmade products directly from the producer groups.

In Delhi we have the Nature Bazaar at Andheria More and Dilli Haat at INA.  It is very cool experience talking  to the people who have made the products and are selling them right at your door step. You don’t need to travel to remote parts of the country to buy a Jamdani or a Chanderi. Often the crafts people are happy to collaborate with customers to produce one off custom made designs for a small fee. If the clothes you buy from crafts people don’t fit perfectly please get a tailor to alter it to your size. Our crafts people need us to make a living and when we buy from them we also give them valuable feedback so that they can improve their products and making them more contemporary and market friendly.

When looking for Ethical and Sustainable clothes do not be too hard on yourself remember every small step you take makes a big impact.

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February is the month of the Aquarius Zodiac sign. Let’s talk about the water carrier, born anytime between the 20th of January to the 18th of February.

Those born under this sign can appear mysterious and enigmatic to others. This is a great quality to possess as it draws people to you. These free minded independent thinkers love music and are very self-reliant. In fact so independent that often they can appear to be aloof and snobbish.

The water carrier tends to do things differently because they think differently and are prone to be misunderstood. They appear to be eccentric and their choices seem unusual and sometimes reckless. This is because they are spontaneous and have a great sense of adventure. Repetitive work is not for them; always thinking ‘out of the box’; they are constantly seeking new ideas and activities.

Well, these traits come very handily to the innovators. Am I right Aquarians?

The Aquarius is a lifelong learner with a natural gift for becoming innovators and leaders of change in technology and society. They dream big and have the ability and strength to implement their ideas.

Most mundane careers do not appeal to the Water Bearer. They have an inner need to be noticed, and a real aversion to boredom.

Lemme share a little piece of advice with you.

-Aquarians should ideally seek professions and jobs where they are able to use their planning ability and sense of idealism while indulging their fascination with technology. Do not expect an Aquarius to be happy compiling data or working on repetitive tasks!
Well, that’s what the experiment says!

There is a uniqueness about the Aquarius woman, and she’s always a bit different, on the cutting edge of what’s new and hot. Independence and originality characterize the Aquarius, and when it comes to shopping, that means you like to hunt out and buy pieces that aren’t like anything you’ve seen before


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