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Holi is around the corner are you ready to Party? Show off your fun and cool style

To be honest Holi can be a tricky festival to get dressed for as you are most likely to bin the outfit.

To enjoy the festival without any worries a lit bit of planning can go a long way in increasing the festivities. Wearing old clothes has become passé and the fashion conscious want to use it as an opportunity to show their fun and cool style.

How to look fashionable without sacrificing comfort? Here are some suggestions:

  • Do take inspiration from Bollywood and fashion a look based on Deepika’s “Balam Pichkari”. Wear a loose t-shirt in bright colours and pair with cut off jeans or pajamas. You will stand out and the colours will add to the out-fit.

  • Do go for a cotton fabric as it will not slouch after you have been soaked and go on enjoying the festival.
  • Don’t wear transparent clingy clothes – you know why. You are going to get so drenched and want to party on!
  • Don’t wear low-cut t-shirts. Even the super confident can get uncomfortable as we are never too sure of the crowd and do not want to attract unwanted attention.
  • Should you be interested in vintage fashion a trip down memory lane will serve you well. White chicankari kurta with a bandhini dupatta will work well. White saree worn by heroines of yester years can make people swoon.
  • Don’t wear comedy fancy costume – it will draw attention but not necessarily of a positive nature.

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  • Do wear a pair of smart swim shorts – borrow it from your boy-friend or brother if you do not want to buy one. The material is breathable, will dry quickly and will keep you cool and dry all day. They also come in all colours and shapes so can be very flattering.
  • Do not neglect your foot wear and headwear. You could try the Glastonbury look and wear wellies and a cool hat. There are so many available in the market.


Remember to be comfortable and safe this HOLI – do carry a reasonable bag. I would recommend a bumbag – keep your phone safe and of course your house keys.

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