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March Madness infects Fashion : Athleisure is the Cure

written by lttalks 19/03/2018

March Madness is the hottest topic in the United States this time of year and Athleisure is the hottest look.

Let’s find out what it means?

March Madness refers to a college basketball tournament. The competition takes place every March. And the madness it creates is excitement! Athleisure is a trend that takes the most attractive qualities from active wear and business casual.

Impact on fashion?

March makes avoiding athletics entirely an impossibility — which means finding March Madness outfits are of the utmost priority. The month has been historically associated with an abundance of team jerseys and other sports paraphernalia, non-negotiable attire for those watching the game with friends and family.

Hadid sisters on the move

 Athleisure fashion is here to stay and it is about looking stylish while dressing down in active wear. 


Celebrities from the Hadid sisters to Kendall Jenner are all embracing the casual outfits. It combines the most attractive qualities of business casual and sports wear. Stock up your wardrobe with sweatpants, mesh tops, trainers and hoodies. Athleisure is not a trend or a fad it is predicted that it will lasts way beyond the month of March.

Athleisure combines the comfort of wearing exercise clothes in everyday settings from work to a party. It is in fact the new casual and defining the way women are approaching their clothes. The versatility of these clothes has made them very attractive to most women. They are low maintenance, with properties like wrinkle and odour resistance.


The trend has slowly been creeping in over the past few months but its set to be huge this year

The trend is proving casual wear isn’t just for the gym. It is encouraging a balance between style and multi-functionality, the trend allows the on-the-go woman to breeze through her daily activities in chic and comfy clothing that can take her from her morning workout routine to her workplace and even to a lunch date without breaking a sweat.


Loomtree Athleisure range

How about updating your wardrobe and go from workout to Hangout and work to parties.

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