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Indian Inspired themes continue to lead the Global Runway because  International fashions love the Unique skills of the Indian crafts person.

A big influence in the international fashion scene can be seen by the use of  Indian jewelry, weaves, prints and clothing silhouettes and head gear.

Ever wondered why there were so many Indian themes on the International Runway?
tussar, brocades and

Marcheasa Spring 2013

India’s rich craft traditions and diverse cultural heritage present a wide range of art and craft, embroidery, weaves, colours, printing, and dyeing techniques for the Global Fashion leaders to be inspired by and incorporate into their collections.

Designers as diverse as Dior, Chloe, Hermes, Gaultier, Mcqueen are leading the way with Indian inspired themes.

weaves and silhouette

Hermès Spring 2008

A quick historical perspective of why India is important in the world fashion scene leads way back to the times when the traders from around the world came to buy our fabrics; the silks, brocades and muslins.

Dior Spring 2018

The Great Exhibition of 1851 in London highlighted the crafts from different parts of India. Indian exports were valuable and highly desired till the Industrial revolution made our products too expensive when compared to the mass produced goods of the West.

Chintz dress, fabric from Coromandel Coast, India; tailoring British, around 1770-1780

The Indian Influence on global fashion is not always acknowledged but we can easily identify the different skills and techniques that have gone into making the making the red carpet gowns, the high street bohemian tie die dresses, scarves and the beading, hand stitching and patchwork we see in contemporary collections every season.

Armani Privé crystals, sequence and bead work

When it comes to most sought after Jewelry and clothing the Indian element cannot be missed but there has been a great deal of cross-pollination and it is difficult to say where one cultural imprint starts and the other ends.

Indian crafts and skills continue to have a very important place in the hearts, minds and wardrobes of fashionistas around the world.

Let’s embrace our traditional craft heritage and make the world Swoon with our Indian Style.



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