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written by lttalks 01/11/2017

Every culture has its own special folk medicines that are passed down through the generations, and recent medical studies have confirmed that many of the herbs used in these home remedies are effective.

Here are some from around the world:

In India Turmeric has a very revered position, it is used in rituals and beauty treatment.

Did you know it is not only a tasty spice but a medicinal material used to treat high blood sugar levels? Studies have shown that the active ingredient in turmeric – curcumin – reduces and stabilizes the levels of sugar in the blood, as well as helps the pancreas secrete insulin when blood sugar levels rise. Half a teaspoon a day has shown excellent results.

Mustard Seeds are used to battle muscle pain in England.

Soaking in a hot bath with mustard seeds is a traditional English remedy for muscle pain. The unique build of the mustard causes the body to secrete toxins through the skin pores, improve blood flow, relax tense muscles and help heal damaged tissue.


In Germany Chamomile tea has a very special place in the battle against gas.

This is an old German remedy that now has science backing it up. Stanford University researchers found that sipping 2 glasses of chamomile tea a day can reduce that bloated feeling. Chamomile reduces the secretion of cortisol, a hormone secreted during times of stress, which causes stomach cramps.


Russians use garlic when they need to battle colds, the flu, and most other infectious diseases.

A study conducted by the University of Florida recommends consuming one clove of garlic a day. According to the study, garlic contains organic composites that help fight viral infections and consuming one clove of garlic a day can decrease the risk of infection by 43%.


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