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Giving Back: One Step at a Time

written by lttalks 31/05/2018

Want to give back to society?

You don’t have to wait to become rich and famous to follow your heart and contribute by taking one step at a time.
Giving your time and talent to a cause is the most selfless act and shows outstanding character and resolve to make a difference. Reading a book to an underprivileged child in your community can be a great way to giving back to society. 


Are you passionate about improving the lives of children? Do you get concerned when you see kids on the side of the streets on your way to work or the shops? Well, there are several opportunities available for working with marginalisied children and  you can do this in your spare time.

There are many community groups and organizations working with children in your city. You will be surprised to find them very close to your place of work or even where you live.

You can help in the by offering to teach, mentor, spend time with the children sharing your experiences of travel and basic life skills such as dressing, manners, health, and hygiene; creative activities using art, drawing, painting, music, and dance. If you enjoy reading you can do this with children in a school library; if you enjoy sports and can spend couple of hours in your weekends playing football.

Here are a few organisations you can consider consider for volunteering:

Salaam Balak trust is focused on educating the poor and disadvantaged children of India. Options include opportunities in teaching life skills and non-formal education, creative expression & talent, multimedia, communication, healthcare, formal education (such as teaching English or Mathematics) and more.

You can also consider contacting an organisation local to you and find out more, these organisations are always happy to meet you and give you suggestions about how you can help.

While it is very hard to completely change a child’s life but even small effort can go a long way.

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