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Desi Girls Rocking International Runways

written by lttalks 05/05/2018

The Indian models are gracing the covers of top international magazines and also walking the runway for Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Chanel.

You would think that Fashion runways are about clothes but now the choice of models draws just as much attention than the clothes! the presence of Indian models have created quite a stir in this field.

About time the world took notice of the beauty of the Indian woman.

However, it is not simply about India having beautiful women – this Indian presence can be traced to:

 Firstly, the increased ability of Indian consumers to buy international brands and it is believed that soon India will be one of the largest consumer markets.

Secondly, due advancement of technology which is giving models access to the  global agencies resulting in new opportunities.

We must pay tribute to Priyanka Chopra for paving the way on international scene for our Desi Girls.


The stories of their individual journeys are filled in incidents overcoming discrimination and prejudice both at home and abroad.

The good news is that the notion of beauty is changing and becoming more versatile. Skin tone is no longer a standard of beauty internationally.

However in India we continue to struggle with prejudice relating to skin tone. The true representation of our population is not reflected in our advertising and films which continue to be dominated by an obsession with fair-skin.

It is important for Indian women to make a mark on the international scene not only for our national pride but we believe that they can be champions for Make in India hope that this will open the doors of the global markets for our  Desi-designers and crafts.

We are keeping a close look on: Radhika Nair, Bhumika Arora and Dipti Sharma who have graced the covers of Vogue Italia.

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