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Every few days do you look at your wardrobe and feel like you have nothing to wear? That happens to most of us and in fact, there studies to show that 80% of us only ever wear 20% of the clothes we buy.

Dressing for work can be a complicated process because what may be appropriate at work may not be a suitable choice for after work networking. Most people do not have the time to go home to change for dinner with friends.

Our lives are so rushed that we often forget what clothes we have in our cupboards and put ourselves under extreme stress when we need to dress for a special occasion. It is not always necessary to go shopping for the right clothes – they may be waiting patiently for you in the wardrobe to be picked.

It is great fun rediscovering your previous buys. They will refresh your memories – even make you laugh or encourage you to give an old friend a call.

Take some time out of your busy schedule for your wardrobe reinvention effort and you will discover the month’s stylish outfit at no additional cost. To get started:

  • select a top that you have forgotten
  • challenge yourself and pair it with a bottom
  • accessories with scarves
  • necklace and earrings can add a new twist to the look
  • take a selfie and post it and encourage feedback

Use the above steps to work through your wardrobe and encourage your friends to join in. Have a bit of fun while experimenting and coming up with your personal style. There are no mistakes in styling! Treat it as a new trend!

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Wondering what to wear for Valentine’s Day? You may have a hot date or guess someone may have a crush on you at work– today is the day to glam it up and make everyone notice you!

Regardless of whether February 14 brings out the romantic – or adventurous – in you if you happen to be meeting your latest hot new date or making a little extra effort with your beloved, these date dressing suggestions can be of helpful. (I can bet on that honey!)

The color Red has always been considered appropriate for creating some passion. Nah! too cliché? Think out of the box and go for a hint of red in your outfit. Well, could be a pair of red shoes, a handbag, a scarf or maybe culottes can make you look like you are in the mood to flirt, glam up with a pair of red shades and set the mood on fire!

Dresses with high slits and cutaways make a perfect desk to date outfit.  If you decide to choose to go for a dress that is revealing, think about layering with a lace shift. This will add mystery to your look. The dress should make you feel amazing and give your date the impression that you have made an effort.

If your date has planned to take you to a concert or see a band – your outfit should be carefree and carry a pair of sensible shoes so that you can join the fun on the dance floor.

For those with adventurous partners who have organized surprise date – bring a little bag with a jacket and shoes. Just in case it is an outdoor picnic. (Because the last thing you want on a romantic date is to be uncomfortable.)

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This Valentine, be confident, be comfortable and any outfit you chose will make your partner swoon.


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‘A girl should be two things classy and fabulous’: Coco Chanel.

Today Coco Chanel lives on in our memories; a whiff of Chanel No.5 and little black dress all remind us of the amazing woman who also said, ‘Fashion fades, only style remains’.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane to get an introduction to this famous fashion icon. We know that her name is synonymous with perfume and effortless style but there is so much more to her that is truly amazing. She was taught to stitch clothes in an orphanage where she grew up – this is the skill that would lead to her lives work and conquer the world of fashion.

She started a business selling clothes and hat that were up-cycled; meaning she fashioned clothes out of old jersey and fancy hats out of simple straw hats and trimming them with ribbons and lace
Chanel had a strong ethos. “You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life,” she said.

Though her beginnings were humble through her hard work and determination she owned several boutiques all over France.  Chanel never cared much for convention and her trademark look was simple classic lines clearly avoiding ostentation. Going against convention she got a very short haircut and said

“I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all,”

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